Are you aware of the Moodle Repository system named MrCute?

MrCute1 is currently available as an add-on module through

We have funding for further development of MrCute and aim to be beta testing by January.

MrCute is an acronym for Moodle Repository Create Upload Tag Embed, and is intended as an optional Moodle module and block which allow direct and straightforward access to institutional and other repositories of online learning materials. MrCute 1 was released as a Moodle extension at the end of March 2008. Phase 2 will be released at the end of March 2009 but it is hoped that it will be available for testing some time before that. MrCute has been funded by JISC and is a project of Worcester College of Technology and Learning Objectivity. Subject to confirmation, we will work in cooperation with Xtensis (custodians of the National Learning Network Repository) and Jorum (the UK National FE/HE Learning Materials Repository). Information on phase 1 of the project can be found at [1] MrCute2 will be broken down into two modules a 'find' option and a 'put' option.

Repositories are usually a separate system to the VLE. The 'finding' process usually is to search or browse the repository, then download the materials and be able to upload and use these on your VLE. And the 'putting' usually means you are uploading to the repository, maybe as well as already uploading to the VLE.

MrCute does not work this way, currently all the finding and putting is all done through just one interface in Moodle. We are aiming in MrCute2 that the repository options should be as simple as uploading a file to the VLE, so you simply upload once and you can select to add it to the repository.

Many people store the NLN materials in their repository, but with MrCute2 we are aiming to directly link to the materials on the NLN website, a massive saving on storage. We are also in talks with Jorum to see if it is possible to include searching their collection of materials as well.

We have recently surveyed our teaching, library and management staff on the use of the repository system, and many of the MrCute2 changes and improvements are based on this feedback. We want as much information as possible from the end users so please feel free to add yourself to our MrCute2 Moodle site [2] to see our progress and complete the 'repository user survey'

After Christmas we will be looking for colleges to use and test MrCute2, so if anyone is interested please get in touch.

Kind regards

Helen Brady Senior ILT Developer & Advisor Worcester College of Technology